What should you be focussing on to make your business a success? 

It’s time to refocus by pulling in some help so that those  daily ‘business’ tasks don’t seep into your ‘personal’ life and here’s how. Let’s focus shall we?

Most entrepreneurs admit to working at least 60 hours a week and more. When you break this down in to the time you spend on each task, you sit and look back and realise that you spent more time on business then your personal life. You deserve to have a work life balance or you will head for burn out and your business will stagnate as you have nothing left to give and you can’t find any extra hours in the day. Or can you? 

By enlisting the help of an outside source, they will look at things from a new perspective. They will take your daily tasks and rip them apart from how much time you spend on each, if there is a way to manage that time more effectively and if there is anything in there that someone else should be doing for you.

By working with top Managing Directors, who head up global organisations, we have seen that many have the support of Office Managers who run the offices, but that still doesn’t free up their time. They end up trying to be physically present in their business whilst trying to manage their busy work schedules and personal lives. We have managed to eliminate up to 80 hours from one Managing Directors month. That is 80 hours we have managed to free up to be spent elsewhere within his business and personal life. 

You need to make your diary work for you. So while you are busy in a meeting, you have someone already booking your next set of appointments and phone calls and monitoring your 4 inboxes,  responding to messages and re-scheduling as and when needed. Updating and planning your calendar so you already know your next move and it’s planned effectively and organised. A whole year’s worth of calendars have been planned for one client.

When sourcing new leads, your support is busy away on your LinkedIn accounts sending and responding to new connections, emailing new contacts and scheduling your calls with the right targets. In addition to this they are already planning your podcast questions, scheduling the correct space for this and dealing with the participant. It’s all set up and ready to go.

Your support can act as your middle man between other Directors within the business. They can respond on your behalf and collate relevant reports and statistics when needed and convey relevant business details to the teams. They are the first port of call for screening emails and phone calls and dealing with necessary matters on your behalf. You will have regular catch up meetings to keep everything up to date and managed. 

When there are personal matters to attend to, in terms of booking fitness classes, football season tickets, hot air balloon rides, registrations for networking events, dinner with the in-laws, hotel rooms and travel to be booked, they are all dealt with. The calendar is updated and it’s all set in place and details are provided to you.

Your support is there to free up the hours and hours of time that you spend running your business which in turn provides you with the valuable family time and enjoying your hobbies in order to keep that work life balance in check.  Within such busy and hectic businesses, you will constantly be running from one task to the next and you will never feel like you’ve got in front or on top of things or where you wanted to be. If you find a way to delegate some of these tasks, you can then fully focus on business and dedicate your time to its growth and maintaining stability. 

There are many experienced support personnel that are on hand to aid you with the strategic growth of your business and to enable you to be a successful and powerful leader. Your vision is clear and you can respond rapidly to changes in the market and adapt with clarity. Being a successful leader does not mean dealing with all aspects on your own, it is looking at tasks that can be outsourced in order to free up your time. 

Praemando Elite Business Services has enabled one Managing Director to outsource 80 hours of his month, without employing a new member of staff which has alone saved them up to £18,000 for that year. In turn, by bringing in outsourced support, they can complete a usual full time employee’s 120 hours a month, in the time frame of 60 hours a month. Without having to cater for the sick, holiday and maternity pay, office space and training alongside this. 

Please visit us at www.praemando.co.uk and schedule in your free 30 minute consultation and we can discuss your options and how we can transform your business and personal life.