As a virtual assistant, I can deliver incredible value by taking away some of the vital yet time-consuming jobs that currently eat into your working hours.   

You can trust me to handle all those everyday tasks that are distracting you from making more connections, winning more business, and driving your company forward! 

Praemando can support you by: 

Scheduling meetings and appointments

Get rid of all the frustration that comes with to-ing and fro-ing with a client! I can set appointments using an easy-to-navigated shared calendar. 

As well as confirming times, dates and venues – and moving appointments if circumstances change – I can prioritise certain bookings over others. It can be tempting to answer ‘yes’ to every single meeting request, but I can help you identify which appointments are urgent, which opportunities might lead to genuine business, and which phone calls or Zoom catch ups could be pushed back to a later date.

Managing your inbox

Keeping on top of your correspondence can be a real time-drain at the best of times. I can help you:

  • Structure your inbox with clear labels, so your messages are easy to find 
  • Clean up folders that haven’t been organised for some time
  • Filter out pesky spam
  • Get rid of unwanted subscriptions
  • Identify emails that require a quick response, and which ones can be dealt with at a later date.

I’m familiar with all the popular email clients, including Outlook and Gmail, and I’m highly adept at managing multiple accounts for different arms of your business. 

Drafting and sending emails

Struggling to find the time to get back to your clients or suppliers? Find yourself constantly writing the same generic emails? I can reply to contacts on your behalf using a set of pre-drafted templates. If you’d like me to get a little more involved and put together tailored responses, that’s no problem, either – I will master your tone of voice and use my in-depth knowledge of your business to fire off accurate, confident replies in your name. 

Creating and managing customer databases

Very few businesses operate a clean, neat, up to date customer relationship management (CRM) system. But a well-managed CRM should play a crucial role in your day-to-day operations, not to mention be a central data resource for all your external marketing campaigns.  

Let me:

  • Remove incorrect information
  • Update customer records
  • Identify new prospective customers
  • Set appropriate access restrictions for staff
  • Make sure you’re following current GDPR practices
  • Implement new systems to save your teams time
  • Find and recommend a system that better meets your company’s needs

Managing your files

Years ago, PAs used to support their clients by filing away all their business-critical documents in immaculately organised cabinets. These days, most information is stored digitally, either within internal systems or in cloud-based apps like Dropbox and Google Drive – but keeping these tools organised, up to date and easy to navigate is just as important as ever! 

Our VAs can make sure all your quotes, proposals, contracts, templates, and other business notes are stored neatly in logical folders, ready for you and your staff to view, edit and share, as needed.  

Monitoring voice messages

In the age of Skype and Zoom, we business owners often forget to check our voicemails. But neglecting to do so could mean missing your next big opportunity! Leave it to me to check your voice messages and respond to any leads or queries as appropriate.  

Booking venues

Recent lockdown restrictions have made it tricky to arrange large-scale meetups for staff, customers and suppliers. But when the world eventually returns to some sort of ‘normal’, I can be here to help you find and secure the right space for your next get-together. 

I can also handle many other aspects of your event, from sending out invites and managing your guestlist through to sourcing quality caterers, AV suppliers and other third party professionals who will work to ensure your day or night is a success. 

Coordinating travel arrangements

Finding accommodation, scouring timetables, hiring cars and taxis – it all takes time. Time that you don’t necessarily have. Pass all your travel requirements over to me, and I’ll do all the groundwork to ensure that you reach your appointment on schedule and in style. 

Interested to find out more?

Interested in learning more about my virtual office administration services? Book a free, 30 minute consultation with me to go over your options. You can choose a date and time for the appointment here