Our sERvices

Our team of Virtual Assistants have a wide range of skills and specialist areas that allow Praemando to cater for your business requirements. You will be less stressed from your unfinished tasks, no more worrying about what was left on your to-do list and you can put into action productive work rather than just ‘busy’ work.

What can you Outsource?

Email Management

It’s overwhelming, when you are busy with your actual craft, when the phone goes ping ping ping ping with notifications that you can’t check. You rush to check it, thinking its a new enquiry. Turns out it was spam. We didn’t like Spam in the 80’s and we don’t like it now. 

If we take control of your inbox, we know what to alert you to. We also know what to delete. What you are left with is an active, functioning inbox. You don’t open it and go erm…..where do I start. The inbox has been cleared. Your actual emails are flagged and identifiable and you know those are ready to action. They might actually lead to real sales. 

We will hold extensive talks with you regarding your business, tone of voice and the in’s and out’s of your world. Praemando doesn’t just take control of your work and inbox on a whim. We will know your business inside out. We are an extension of YOUR business. 

Calendar/diary management

It’s hard to keep track if you are busy with clients, when you have new leads and enquiries or customers needing to reschedule their appointments. We will work closely with you and we can manage your bookings and where you need to be and when. If last minute changes come up, we’re there managing that for you. 

If a brilliant new customer comes through, we’ll get them booked in sharpish so you don’t miss the lead where you were busy actually working at the time. We’ll cover it all.  You can just log on to your calendar and it’s all there ready for you so you know who you are seeing, when and where. Praemando are your eyes and ears and we work closely with your needs, wants and the core of your business. We will drive your business forward and catapult your growth.

Payment Processing

A core part of your business is MONEY. We will assist your business with processing your invoices promptly. When you complete your work, you need to be paid for this. It’s very easy to let one week slip into a month before you manage to chase any monies owed. We can not only process the invoices, we can chase them as well. 

We can also assist with your bookkeeping processes so you have a very seamless logging system to manage the functionality of your business. If you don’t have the relevant tools and templates in place, we’ll implement this for you too. 

Managing your business finances is crucial to the running of things. Your ingoing’s v’s outgoing’s and cash flow processes need to be smooth and work for you. You need this in order to grow.

Office/Meeting Room bookings

We can find and book the best meeting rooms, event venues and office spaces to suit your needs.

You simply don’t have the time to source the best spaces when a client wants to meet with you.  It is time consuming when you don’t know the aspects of that particular area.

Praemando has a wide and extensive knowledge of areas within the UK and abroad so all you have to do is just tell us where you need to be and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll just come back to you and tell you when its done. We’ll also have confirmation from your client as we arrange this with them too. 

Effectively, you have saved hours of your time going backwards and forwards with venues, dates and times with your clients. We’ve even sorted the refreshments so don’t worry. Just turn up with your amazing sales pitch.


CRM/Database Management

Having upto date customer database is a crucial and integral part of your business. Your customer’s make up your business and are your bread and butter.

We will clean and update your database and manage it effectively. You will have your existing customers and we can pull in your future customers, built around certain criteria for your business.

You don’t have the time to call everyone on your database to make sure the details are all correct. If you don’t have this up to date however, there isn’t much point in sending out your email campaigns or catch up messages. They might not be there anymore. You will not get a response.

You don’t have the time to source future prospects and compile them in a database in order for you to start approaching them. We can arrange it all.

Travel Itineraries

It is very time consuming to reach out to travel agents for quotes and options available, for both business and pleasure. 

With over 20 years experience within the travel industry for both corporate and private bookings, we can take care of everything from start to finish. 

Praemando source the best locations and venues within your budget and the requirements in your brief – whether that be in the form of business meetings, team building exercises, or your family holiday.

We will organise and arrange it all and settle payments on your behalf. We will draw up your itineraries for all included on the booking (we’ll take care of any visa’s also) so all you have to do is make sure your passport is valid. It’s another time consuming project that has been taken care of so you are free to work on your business more.




Research projects

A critical aspect of all businesses is valid research. Whether it be based upon your competitors and their pricing and where they are in the market, or looking at where your existing and new customers are or simply looking around for insurance. 

This is such a time consuming task so once you have given us your brief, we’ll get straight to work and take care of it all. You will then be presented with a personalised report to hand you all of the information you need, in a simple and readable way. 

It can be used for your own use, or if you have meetings that require these reports to be distributed and used to back up your sales pitches. You look credible, informed and professional.  

Re-connect you with past clients

Maintaining your existing clients is super important. It’s like being taken out on a date and then not getting a call after. This is the same for your clients: they dealt with you once and then you forgot about them. 

A quick phone call re-introducing yourself, asking how they are getting on with either a previous product they have purchased or when you last provided them with a service. Remind them that they are important.

This is standard sales and marketing practice. You are then fresh in their minds should they need anything further. Or you’ve called at the right time because they’ve been meaning to call you and they didn’t find the time. Get re-aquainted. 

Facilities management support & logistics

When you set up your own business, with the best will in the world. Sometimes things can slip where business snowballs and you’re super busy. You need to set aside the time to not only look at your practices, but change and implement current practices. Yet, that time never occurs.

Your business needs to be functioning at its best capacity and working with you, not against you. Let us take a look at your current model. We can suggest better practices, systems and templates in order to maximise your business, time and profit. We can work together to implement these changes for you. 


Event management support & logistics

If you have a corporate event or a large personal event to organise, it can be overwhelming and time consuming. The to-do list can be quite overbearing and the pressure for things to run smoothly, organised to within an inch of your life, and seamlessly requires immense dedication and grit.

Hand us your event. We’ll organise, book and manage so you can take all the credit for a rather fabulous event. And more importantly, you can enjoy your own event and participate in the event without having to worry.

Lead generation projects

So business is going great and everything is under control, managed and working like clockwork. Well done. However, this suggests that it’s now time to grow and expand.  So where do you start?

We can source your new prospects to reach out to, tailored around the specifics of your business and the current market. We’ll point you to where your new customers are. You can then reach out to them via phone, in person or via email marketing. 

Or, you could let us put the list together, and after extensive and in depth briefing so that we have your tone of voice and with your business in mind, we can then make the phone calls for you. We can also assist in terms of your marketing campaigns as we have the contact list already so we will put together the emails for you and complete your mailout and manage them. Forward the calls to us and with access to your diary, we can arrange your new meetings. 

"I’ve just used Praemando’s services and couldn’t be happier with the efficiency, breadth of knowledge and fantastic help given to me and my business. I will absolutely be using this service again soon and probably on a regular basis and would highly recommend them."

Katherine Phillips, Founder Pop Connect Networking

"If you're looking for additional support in your business in the form of a Virtual PA...look no further!Praemando did a great job carrying out a research and information gathering project for us.If you have a project that you just don’t have the time to do then give it to Praemando! Prompt, efficient and so very friendly!"

Moona Malik

"A massive thank you to Praemando and their Virtual PA Service! They carried out a research project for me and provided above and beyond what I had asked for. It was on time and presented in a completely usable format. This work I know would have taken me so much longer to complete because I would have wasted time, that I currently don't have, not quite knowing where to search for the information. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Praemando to anyone short on time who wants a quick, professional and cost efficient job done and I will certainly be using Praemando again in the future."

Jo Jarvis, Authorised Distributor for Utility Warehouse

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