If you need help setting up or managing a new venture, why not consider working with a virtual project manager (PM) instead of hiring a full-time employee? 

You’ll cut costs; you won’t need to clear space in your office for a new worker; and you’ll get access to elite knowledge and unrivalled support on a daily basis. So, to me, it makes total sense to hire a remote PM in place of an in-office worker. 

I’ve seen this kind of arrangement work brilliantly time and time again, especially in businesses that are built to run multiple projects with employees and contractors in various locations and time zones. But if you need more convincing, here are some insights into what you can expect your virtual PM to bring to the table if you choose to go down this route. 

What can a virtual PM do for you?

A virtual project manager can take care of all the tasks you would expect from an in-house PM. He or she will be able to:

  • Manage your in-house projects

From conducting market research to onboarding new team members, your virtual PM can take to the reins of all your company’s projects to make sure everything is running smoothly, your staff or contractors have everything they need to work efficiently, and all your deliverables are on track for timely completion. 

  • Co-ordinate your clients’ projects

If you want them to, your virtual project manager can become the key point of contact for the clients you’re running projects or campaigns for. For example, they could help to co-ordinate complex, multi-faceted digital marketing strategies, or organise particularly large data entry tasks. 

Lots of project managers are happy to white label their services so they appear as though they are working for your company, too. This can help to keep things simple and save any confusion on the client’s side. 

  • Keep your contractors’ projects and schedules on track

Virtual project managers can add a great deal of value by managing multiple contractors and their diaries to make sure everyone is working towards the same goal. They can also be on hand to deal with any challenges as they arise, leaving you to focus on growing your business, not fighting fires! 

  • Integrate new (and super handy) project management software into your business

As well as exploring more efficient ways of delivering your work, a virtual PM can also give you a much-needed fresh perspective on things. By being able to look at the project from the outside in, he or she will be able to suggest new technologies and frameworks that will help you achieve better results in faster timeframes. 

Project management tools like Asana, Trello or Basecamp can totally transform the way a project is managed; they make it so much easier to plan, delegate, collaborate and report on progress. Your project manager will be able to recommend the right software for the job, then set up the system so it works flawlessly within your existing business processes. 

Are there any drawbacks to working with a VA instead of hiring a new member of staff?

The only downside to not having an in-office PM is that they will not be physically by your side. However, in a world where virtual working has become the norm – especially in the wake of the coronavirus crisis, which has given us a newfound appreciation for technology and the role it plays within our organisations – there is really no need for your project manager to travel to your office every day to do a fantastic job. 

You can check in with your virtual PM regularly via Zoom, Skype or Microsoft Teams, and ask them to provide regular insights and reports so you can see how projects are progressing. If they are within driving distance, you could arrange a face-to-face meeting every month or every quarter – but for the most part, your PM will be perfectly happy to get stuck in from their own home or workspace. Before long, you’ll be comfortable with their approach and confident in their abilities, and they’ll feel just like another member of your team! 

Let’s talk about your options 

As an elite VA, I regularly manage high level projects with, or on behalf of, directors and other senior level decision makers. 

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