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It’s time to take back control of your business and your life.

Why focus on time-consuming, productivity-killing tasks when you could hand over these jobs to an executive virtual assistant instead?

Stop spinning all the plates. Start focusing on finding new opportunities and – dare we say it – doing the things you really enjoy.

Lindsay Gilbey, the founder of Praemando Elite Business Services is an advocate for business outsourcing in all forms. The Praemando team work with time-strapped CEOs, Managing Directors and other senior level staff who want to grow their businesses without losing their precious evenings and weekends to the daily grind. 



  • Responsible for a large team or growing business?
  • Balancing your business with secondary interests?
  • Constantly running between appointments & meetings?
  • Grappling with the demands of a hectic personal life?
  • Struggling to live in the ‘now’?
  • Cash rich, but time poor?
  • A big believer in the power of collaboration? 

Recover valuable hours

You can’t bend time, however much you might want to! If you find yourself spending too much of your average working week on tasks that drain and demotivate you, it’s time to invest in outside help. Work with an executive VA, and you’ll soon gain back 3-4 hours every day that you can put to better use. 

Manage your communications

Emails are the lifeblood of most businesses – but an unorganized email inbox will slow down business operations and eventually lead to costly mistakes. Live a life free from messy folders and distracting spam – ask us, your very own virtual executive assistant, to manage your messages on your behalf.

Keep on top of your diary

From appointment setting to rearranging staff meetings, we can bridge the gap between you and the people who are vital to the success of your business. We can also help you sort the must-dos from the nice-to-dos, leaving you with a more balanced schedule (and more time to yourself).


Drive your business forward

If you want to do more, achieve more and ultimately earn more, you need to embrace the fact that your business is bigger than you. Outsourcing administrative, logistical and research tasks to an experienced virtual executive assistant is the first step to freeing up your time for the more important stuff: finding new clients and keeping existing clients happy.

Make the most of your own time

Perhaps you have a young family, and you would love to free up your evenings and weekends to enjoy more of those special moments with your children. Maybe you are a social butterfly who needs help balancing your hectic work schedule with a vibrant personal life. Either way, we can help you enjoy life to its fullest by taking away the mundane tasks that often eat into your own time.

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Learn more about Praemando

With each of our Virtual Assistants having a minimum of 8 years of knowledge, skills and expertise, we have earned a great reputation within the executive VA industry for our distinct values and famously proactive approach. Learn more about Praemando, here!

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Testimonials & Featured Clients

I can highly recommend Lindsay and her team. Having read the 4 hour work week and other similar publications, I was looking for an assistant who could manage a large volume of administrative tasks in an efficient manner, in order to allow me to focus on the activities that add to the "bottom line". Very quickly Lindsay has understood both of my business models, and added huge value. Not only am I seeing that my focus is changing and making a big impact on money generation/savings, I am also spending more quality focused time with my family, so I am a much happier person! Highly recommended!

Paul Toms, Managing Director EMEA Recruitment

Praemando have been an absolute God send to me and my business. They take all of the administration worries off of my plate allowing me to focus on the core aspects of my business. Which saves me time, money and sanity and allows me to earn more money rather than getting bogged down in tasks that I can't stand and don't enjoy.

Paul Bramley, Managing Director British Polygraph Testing

As a creative I can be very ad-hoc with my paperwork. Praemando have been my saving grace and have helped me going forward in order to allow my business to grow and keeping me organised!

Kelly Stone, Creative Director. Kelly Designs Ltd

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